Dr. Afksendiyos Kalangos

Professor Emeritus, Dr. Afksendiyos Kalangos, is a cardiovascular surgeon. He currently serves as a Full Professor of cardiovascular surgery at the Koç University Hospital in Istanbul and as the Director of the Center for Congenital Heart and Tracheal Diseases at Athens Euroclinic Hospital in Athens. He previously served as Director of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery at the University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.


He developed many surgical techniques published in the international literature on cardiovascular surgery, providing new opportunities, especially in the repair of heart valves.

Specialized in neonatal and pediatric heart surgery, he developed the biodegradable annuloplasty ring "Kalangos Ring," patented by himself. In addition to pediatric heart surgery, he also provides medical services to adults suffering from congenital or acquired heart diseases.


Since 1998, he has provided access to cardiac care to more than 17,000 children suffering from congenital heart diseases in more than 20 countries in collaboration with a team of volunteer physicians and paramedical healthcare professionals.

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Afksendiyos Kalangos was born on September 11th, 1960, in Agios Stefanos, Istanbul. He is the son of an old family in Istanbul. His father, Konstantin Kalangos, was a physician who provided free medical services to the underprivileged citizens in his hometown. After his death in 2004, the name of Konstantin Kalangos was conferred upon a street in Agios Stefanos in 2008 by the municipality of Istanbul(1).


Afksendiyos Kalangos has published more than 300 articles, mainly in various cardiovascular surgery and cardiology journals. He has also been invited as a guest speaker in more than 800 scientific meetings.

The Kalangos Ring

Afksendiyos Kalangos is also the inventor of the bioabsorbable "Kalangos ring" designed to be used in the surgical repair of heart valves. The "Kalangos ring" allows the surgeon to repair the dilated annulus of the mitral and tricuspid valves (1).

Afksendiyos Kalangos has done a lot of research and development studies in cardiovascular surgery throughout his professional career and has participated in the academic literature with his inventions.

Award-winning, with dozens of distinctions internationally, the "guardian angel" of the poor sick children, was honored in 2015 with the international award "Prix Galien" and in 2016, the Greek Red Cross awarded him the highest honorary distinction of the Golden Cross with the Gold laurel wreath.

Volunteering and Institutions

Afksendiyos Kalangos travels the world with his volunteer healthcare team, which deals with children with heart disease in low- and middle-income countries that do not have access at adequate local health care. So far, he and his team have treated more than 17,000 children with congenital heart disease in more than 20 countries.

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Ordinaryus Profesör Doktor Afksendiyos Kalangos